Saturday, 30 April 2011

M.A.C Paint Pots

A very long while ago (this review was meant to be written so last year), my late gran had generously given me a whopping £100 for me to spend (yes, I'm so spoiled blah blah blah do your granparents who love you so much not do anything just to spoil you? I would spoil my grand kids if I was ever to be a gran -unlikely). How wise of me to splosh it on M.A.C products!
In Edinburgh, the only place you could find a M.A.C counter is in Harvey Nichols, and it is a thing that Harvey Nics keeps "Customer file" on their system. What it is, is that they will have a history of all the things you've have bought from the store. One time, a friend told me he was extremely clueless at the M.A.C counter there because HE was trying to purchase a christmas gift for his sister (how sweet!). So anyway, he asked the assistant to check under my file and asked them to pick out the items I had bought before from them. Clearly my file has helped some! haha moving from my little story that's totally not related to this I bought some stuff from M.A.C and part of the purchase were the Paint Pots:

[Left] Blackground [Right] Indiawood
I picked these two colours because they go with most of the colours I wear regularly ie. from the Urban Decay Naked palette. Blackground is obviously a black but this one comes with some shimmer to it. Indiawood is brown with a hint of gold and shimmer.
Paint pots are really good to use as a base for your lids as well as applying it on it's own. Using it as a base colour then applying eyeshawdow to complete a look means the eyeshadow will stay on longer and it won't crease. So you don't really need to apply eye primer if you don't want to.
Another use for this is, as I have discovered is that you could use it like you would use a gel-liner. Very often I would do my eyeline with my black paint pot because I know it will last so much longer, it doesn't smudge/melt in fact! without eye make-up remover I find this product just won't budge! However, it may fade over the hours, so I always bring it out with me along with a mini liner brush just incase. Certainly a good product if you have oily eyelids like moi! (I have very oily eyelids in fact!) These are also very pigmented.
This product is currently retailed at £13.50 which I think is a good price for a product that could be so versitile in my opinion. If I think about it, it costs the same for the Graphik Technakohl  retractable eye-liner pen (one I normally use but currently ran out of), paint pots will last you for what seem like forever and the eye-liner pen will probably run out within two months for me. I must say though, a pen is more convinient than a jar! However, for a skint student like me, if you could save a little and use that money to buy something else different -then why not? Right?

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