Friday, 15 April 2011

High-end & High Street

I don't normally buy I great deal of foundations. Although recently I've been looking for one to replace my Revlon Photoready foundation as it was running out. I thought I would use this chance to get myself something more high-end? I had asked a friend of mines and she had suggested that Laura Mercier's Silk Creme foundation was something she was aiming to purchase at the time. I thought why not?

Laura Mercier silk creme foundation in beige ivory
£30 for a foundation. I have never spent so much money on a tube of liquid to cover my face! lol I was suggested the colour beige ivory. At the time, it felt like it blended with my skin colour, but perhaps the lighting in Harvey Nics were a bit yellow? It looked like it was blended. And I walked away with my purchase all excited until I tested it at home were natural lighting is usally stronger, and oh my days..........the colour perhaps was a bit orangey for me? However I kept it (perhaps I'll get a lighter shade later on with my £20 Harvey Nics voucher I got as a birthday present) as I thought it would be good to use during nights out when I'm taking photos when I don't want to look ghostly compare to my friends. Despite the colour, everything else was great! It gives great coverage, it made my skin look smoother (one friend compared it to baby skin !). I noticed that I was applying less concealer as I used this foundation, this is a big plus because I was feel like my face is full of products when I am having to put so much concealer just to cover up all my spots and scars! ><
After applying the foundation though, I would set it with some loose powder to set it because it does tend to leave that oily-look on you-and I prefer the matt look to be honest.

Recently I came across another foundation in Boots that was on offer (£2 off -£6.99 down to £4.99) I obviously took advantage of this and bought it just to try it out.
Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr foundation in no.100 Ivory
For a drugstore foundation, I am extremely satisfied with the quality of it. It claims to give 25hours of coverage (obviously you shouldn't keep foundation on this long but there are times I have to) and 25hours of coverage it gives! It also claims to be hydrating, transfer proof and lightweight. I have been wearing this recently on occassions where I don't go home until 6am and the foundation is still sitting there on my face like it was before. Yes I may need to conceal them harsh spots here and there that tend to push the foundation off but other than that, I rarely need to fix my face.
The shade I got is probably a little bit lighter than my own skin, but I prefer it this way to be honest.
The only down side I would say about this foundation is that I find it hard to blend at times. This might not be product itself, it probably is to do with my skin problems due to stress and lack of sleep (and too much alcohol =________=") Howver once it is actually on my face, it gives a decent coverage (medium coverage?).
My advice for this though is that you should wear some SPF before applying the foundation on because nowhere on the package does it says it has UV filters so I would apply some on to be on the safe side. =] Typically you should choose a daytime moisturiser with SPF anyway -this is my opinion.
This product has not broke me out although recently spots have occured but I highly doubt it's the foundation when my lifestyle and diet are both poor at the moment.

Which would you prefer to spend your money on?
Would you purchase both like me?

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  1. Yay!I bought the exact same Laura mercier foundation n I thought the texture of it works great for my skin,downside is that it does not last very long for me as my skin goes oily n spots/red marks just appear after half a day I'll probably go and try the 25hrs one as x