Tuesday, 26 April 2011

11 most reached products

This is a tag that's been going around amongst a few beauty gurus that I follow on YT. Because I have still not purchased a better camera, and I actually don't feel like making a new video still, I decided to put it on here instead. I thought this would make a good topic idea for me to blab about. =P
So below are 11 products (be it make-up or skincare) that I most reached for (use a lot of)....
[I'm aware that a few products I have spoke about before.]
Garnier Roll-on concealer

I use this almost everytime I apply make-up to conceal my eyes. I adore this product because it really brightens up my eyes when I haven't had enough sleep previously (or in some cases, no sleep at all). It coveres panda eyes really well and it also contains caffiene to help de-puff eyes -which usually is a big problem for me when I'm so tired-looking. Definitely recommend this!
Soap&Glory's 'Bright Here Bright Now'
I can't really say this is a moisturiser, because I don't use it as my moisturiser although it does have moisturising properties. I really like this product because it does what it is marketed to be! Yes it does brighten up my skin when I'm tired and it does "look-like" I have more energy in me. All in all it jsut brings more radiance in me. I've using this like a face primer a lot lately, but in saying so not all foundations that I have blends very well with it, Rimmel's Long Lasting 25hr foundation doesn't for example (becomes flakey?)

Show Time lashes by Sasatinnie (SASA) in DAYLIGHT
These are definitly my everyday go-to lashes (although I do not wear lashes everyday but I reach for these most). These are suitable for daytime looks because they aren't the extremely exaggerated kinds. I wouldn't say they give me that natural look, but to be honest if I was to go for the natural look, my own lashes would do fine (mines are long enough, just need a touch of volume). Anyway, what I like about these lashes is that they eccentuate my eyes. I can't say I love them more then the eylure lashes though because to be honest, these are not as good quality, not as easy as the eylure lashes to put on. However, I use them for casual daytime looks.
They came in a pack of 10, and I bought these in Hong Kong at Sasa for a reasonable price (that I can't remember). Glue is not included (but I prefer to use the Eylure glues that I have anyway).

Maybelline's Volum' Express turbo boost wasterproof mascara in black
I LOVE this mascara, I don't think I will EVER fall in love with another mascara! I've tried a few mascaras, I could never find the perfect formula until I found this one, and since then, I've just stuck this mascara for years and years. I don't think it's necessary to very much on mascara after you've found the perfect one. However I have a vibe that this one is discontinued? I haven't checked because I haven't purchased mascara quite a while now! This does become clumpy as the product ages but I'm not too bothered about it because it gives the volume I need for my lashes -in saying so I must purchase a new one soon!
Botanics First signs of ageing Eye and Lip serum
I've been using this for almost a year now and I'm on my second tube (so probably lasts me one tube per half year) and I use this every day and night! For a 15ml product, that's good enough.
It claims to reduce wrinkles on eyes n lips within 4 weeks. However being 22 of age, I don't really have wrinkles yet but because it says it moisturises and firms I decided to purchase it.
Little did I know that this wonderful product for such a decent price (around £8?) real potential lies in the fact that it allows my eyelashes to grow what feels like 10 times faster than normal! Before I used this product I had lashes that were a bit sparse because of harsh curling and tugging, so it was very uneven. I noticed after about two months of using this, that my lashes started to grow back out faster and suddenly! my lashes are much more even now (not perfect just even). This is probably due to the horse chestnut and poagoda tree ingrediants that's packed inside.
Botanics Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover
I know this product has been talked about before, for example by Stylesuzi and Cherrychan108 on YT. Both who I know have given a relatively good review about it.
I discovered this products years ago, even before I read or saw any reviews about it. I must say, I don't use anyother eye make-up remover but this one. It's affordable (£3.99 I think it retails at? Something like that), it keeps my eyes soft and it contains nothing that will make my eyes become sensitive.
In the bottle, the liquid comes in two layers; the bottom layer is green and I'm guessing it's where the iceland moss ingrediant lies in and this helps to soothe and hydrate your eyes, and the top layer is a clear oily liquid, the kind you get in baby oils and this helps to soften and removes any make-up and dirt on your eyes.

Laura Mercier's Silk Creme Foundation
Shade: Beige Ivory
I have spoke about this foundation in my last post, so I don't want to go on about it too much. But I reach for this product almost all the time now. Compare to the Rimmel one I also reviewed about last time, this one has higher coverage, so much better, that it covers a lot of my scars and blemishes so that I don't have to use too much concealer. As I've mentioned before I am still not too keen on the shade that was matched with my skin but it still blends very well, even I prefer it a shade lighter. Perhaps this is a good one for the summer coming.

Shu Uemura's red:juvenus lotion
Before I put my make-up on, one of the steps I do in my daytime skincare routine is to slap some of this on. This helps to hydrate my skin and it refreshes my skin. Once you've put this one, you would feel like your skin is being masked with what feels like enriched water. I realised my skin became better in terms of radiance and even blemishes, though they exist, they are smaller compare to the big fat lumpy ones I used to get. This is probably because it has given my skin more hydration; it's like giving some air for someone to breath to feel better. I bought this for £28, the price may vary now since the VAT has shot up to 20% (I bought this in December when it was still a standard 17.5%).

Urban Decay Naked Palette
This is the palette in which a huge amount of gurus had reviewed about. So far I have heard nothing bad about it. I go to this palette so often I don't think I touch my other eyeshadows or palettes anymore (well, not as often as this one). I love it for the same reasons as other people; it's colours are all wearable to me, be it for a casual daytime look or a nightime going out look; they are very well pigmented....just everything about it, makes it the perfect palette to go to. I take this with me whenever I travel down to Newcastle, it's convienent as I don't have to think much about what eyeshadows to bring, when all the shades I would often use are packed into one palette here!
This also came with a double-ended eyeliner (the 24/7 eyeliners in whiskey - brown - and zero -black-) and a small primer potion. When I bought it was around £25 (or a tiny bit more), it was surely money well spent as it's a great investment!
However, this product has been so greatly praised about, a lot of places became out of stock, when I bought mines at my local Boots, they had loads left, but recently I discovered that my local Boots don't sell this brand anymore. I haven't been the Boots in town yet to check if they still sell Urban Decay. If not, I remember Debenhams selling them. =]

M.A.C blush in Style

This was actually recommended by a friend of mines and as soon as she mentioned it, I popped out within that week to grab hold of it! I remember raving about this on Facebook after buying it. This shade is a orange with a slight peachy pink undertone and gold shimmers. Although it has shimmers, it's not so much that it will make your cheeks look oily. This shade is perfect for the summer and against pale-ish skin like I have, adding a pop of colour. Compare to all my other blushes, I use this probably too often! However if I was to do a soft natural look, I would usee my Revlon blush in 030 Blushed because it is more a soft pink rather than using orange like this one.
Rimmel Lipsticks [left] Moisture Renew in600 soft coral [right] Lasting Finish in 206 Pink nude
[left] Soft Coral [right] Pink Nude
Lastly for this post, due to my love for liptsicks, I have to mention the two lippies that are most reached to in my on-going collection. Rimmel lipsticks are by far the best quality drugstore lipsticks I have ever come across. The colours are amazing, the smell is nice, and they are pigmented. What more do I need to say?!!
Well, let me introduce you to these two; Soft Coral is a coral orange with a slight pink undertone, it's not too bright on me that it makes me look awfully weird, if anything it gives me that natural healthy kick to my lips. Pink Nude is currently my favourite, I love it so much I bought another for my friend's birthday and she told me she liked it too even though she doesn't wear lipsticks at all. She also told me she partly liked it because it was a nude-based shade, so it was wearable to her. For me, I love it as well for it's nude-based shade, and for it's touch of pink mixed into it. This one is perfect if you wanted a nude look, but don't want to go too nude for your lips that it makes you look ill. I find this one wearable not only during nights out, but daytime looks too and I even wear this to work! How convienent!

So that's it folks for this post! (Finally!!!)


  1. I've heard good stuff about that maybelline mascara but i don't think i've seen it... although i haven't actually properly looked for it lol.
    I quite like the s&g mask i have so i might check out that brightening thing as well :D

  2. I never tend to find them in smaller boots,normally I go to the bigger ones to find them. Sometimes I could find them in Superdrugs too. But because I haven't re-purchased one for so long now, I don't know if they still sell them. =S Will find out soon! lol

    I love soap&glory products! I also have their face scrub and daily facewash. I might check out the mask inthis case =D

  3. I was considering trying the Garnier eye concealer roll on thingy, since I've got the one without the concealing properties and want to switch ^_^

    Since u've recommended it, I think I'll give it a go next time!!

  4. I got both! lol I jsut use the one without concealer on days when im not wearing make-up. Bought them both only coz it was on a 2for1 offer long time ago at boots. =]