Thursday, 12 August 2010


I've been stalking my favourite Hong Kong and Taiwanese celebs for the past hours and hours....and hours! I even managed to get a friend to do the same too...

To manage this, I decided to join a site thats extremely like twitter except it's in chinese, much to my surprise at the amount of celebs that go on it and how often they use it (it's rather like my ridiculous obsession with facebook).

Feel free to stalk me (but don't stalk me in the way that you go into asking me my msn and crap like that...I do not give out msn -I don't often reply people on msn anyway unless I like you or actually want to chat):



chinese blog:


新浪微薄 chinese twitter:

I do actually get annoyed by a few particular people stalking me FB.... ... ... so let's no go into my FB eh!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

One year and I still wish for the same thing

It's been a year now since our angels had passed away. Everyone has made their way through the pain one way or another, be it for real or just to cover up, it don't matter.
For me, no pain like this will heal entirely. It's been a year and I still wish for the same thing from day one: rewind to save you, fast-forward to see you.
I've learnt quite a bit over the year, listening to a little bit of other people's confessions about it all, noticing the changes going round then noticing the things that didn't really change at all and asking myself "when will you learn?"
Of course, I'm still the same brat as I am a year ago, the same crazy person, the same crybaby. So if you wanted to ask what I had actually learnt...well... it's hard to explain but in short, along the lines of, 勉強不會幸福的 and 知人口面不知心 -yeh I don't really know how I would explain it in english so I used chinese instead. =/ (I don't know, use google translate or something!)
Sometimes I wish I didn't learn things the hard way like this. I miss you two a lot. I may not talk about you anymore, I may not think about you each and everyday anymore, but I miss you. Sometimes, I avoid the talk and then other times I really want to talk about it. All mixed up really. =S
Grief comes in stages claims Elisabeth Kübler-Ross's On Death and Dying:

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance 
I don't know if all stages could be trusted to be existed in terms of grief, but it strangely it has helped me as a sort of a guide; guide to keep me right at times when need be. There is a few maybes with acceptance though. I don't know if acceptance can be done. I know they are gone, but I know I still argue that they shouldn't be and that good kids like them shouldn't be taken away. I still argue within me. And what about the pain? It's still there like a scar, very similar to the one on my left leg. It stays and form time to time it will hurt. I could hide it but it's still there underneath all the plasters. It's not easy sometimes keeping up with it. For example, nightmares, they are the things I can not control in my sleep. The dreams bothers me when I wake up stunned at what my mind ad just imagined, ashamed to even dreamt a scene like so. So rarely do I find myself waking up to a dream that puts a smile on my face. Now, I'm not complaining, simply just going over my end of the line - I'm sharing, so for the millionth time, I did not put a gun to your head for you to read this.

I've been hesitant over to write or not to write about this tonight, but as usual, I decided to, be it sensible or not, I merely had this slight hope that you two would read this. I'm not here to flick the pain switch back on for anyone, if I did, I'm sorry. =[
Hey, thanks for the lil smile when I last came visit =] I felt it. The warmth. I'm serious. 
One day I'll see it for real. Time just needs to move on and so the rest of us will move with it but memories, they stay because we just don't have a delete button and even if we do, I won't delete it even if they pain me, I won't.

My part is done. I will not note of it again. There isn't much of a need anymore. The rest stays in my mind and the memories goes in my heart. 
歲月不會倒流 時間不會等候 能活就去活得像戲裡面的一樣:精彩 而人生就是喜怒悲哀的 你想哭就不如大哭 因為我知道你最後一定會大笑 =] 

Darlings, do you see?

520 我愛你 1314 一生一世

對不起 but too late. 我後悔了

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I'm in HK!

So yeh, I'm in Hong Kong just now and its getting late, I ought to be in bed becuase the family is going to Saigon tomorrow *thinks of yummy seafod* ^__________^
I just got my hair cut today, I tried to find you guys a picture of the latest pictures of Lena Fugii as she was the inspirational image I used. I'm loving this new do although, its shorter than my usual length, I think it's good to change, besides, my hair will grow back -slowly. If in doubt opt for hair extentions lol!

I'm not happy with the colour that had came out though, I'm going to have to re-do it when I'm back in Edin =[ I thought that was a waste of money...though I'm glad my roots are gone! hahahaha

Just took off my red wine mask I bought today as well, can't tell you much about it since its my first time using it, maybe by the tenth time I'll tell you =]

So anyway lately I've been busy meeting up people and hanging with my famly (although I do admit I try to avoid it because I just don't have that mood for family stuff as bad as it's tiring and requires too much of my patience.)
I went ice skating yesterday, oh my word! I can not skate, it's been YEARS since I've put on them skates and set foot on a huge ice patch -thats not literally true since it was heavily snowed down n icy during winter =/ I fell on my bum and it hurted but I laughed it off because it was actually funny as much as I hate falling hahahahaha in the end though, it was worth giving ice skating another go after all them years =D I had fun with my little friend David who was giving a good attempt in teaching me LOL I admire the patience.

I love going out to have dinner with my friends too ^^ Sushi and korean bbq!!!! awww man I'm so satisfied!!! I thank them people for taking me to good places to eat! And for the good laugh =]

And yes, I went drinking hahahaha and yes I loved it!

I'm in HK and I'm glad to be away to forget a few things that's been bothering me back home. I'm glad to be away and I'm hoping to go home with a clear mind. I'm hoping I will stick to the plan and let my little heart heal a bit. =]

Hope you guys are having fun wherever you are. ^___________^"

ps. I know this blog is meant to be posted on my actual FB notes because it's not very cosmetic/skincare related....ahh weelllll same potato innit!

Friday, 2 July 2010

FOTD: Full volume faux lash

Maybelline Pure Mineral Concealer in Nude Beige
Revlon PhotoReady Foundation in 03.Shell Coquillage
Revlon bronzer in 02.Sunkissed Bronze (for contour)
Topshop Make up blush in Neo Rose
Topshop Make up Highlighter in Sunbeam

Bloom's retractable brow pencil in medium brown
Using the Sleek Original eyeshadow palette:
all over lid colour: navy blue mix with the black
Contour colour: gold
highlight colour: light rosey pink
Lashes: W7 faux lashes (doesn't have a number or name but its them really volumised ones -can't miss it)
L'oreal Super Liner in Carbon Black
MAC retractable liner in black
Maybelline Volum Express Turbo Express waterproof mascara in turbo black

Boot's No. 17 lasting fix lipstick in Blondie
Revlon lipgloss in Pastel Petal

Sunday, 20 June 2010

REVIEW: M.A.C. Viva Glam Lipsticks

Oh my god, this review was suppose to be up weeks ago! >____<" I even said to a friend that I will be doing one when I first bought them. sigh....

So anyway, a few weeks back, I was MAC hauling and dear lord did I haul! Whilst waiting in queue to pay for the things I've decided to purchase - which was (just so you know):
Prep and Prime for face
Prep and Prime eye primer in medium
 Paint pots in Blackground and Indianawood (review later)
Technokohl eyeliner in black

Actually, now that I've listed them...I didn't actually pick up a lot...yet spent so much =_____=""
Ah well, moving on, so I was waiting in the queue and I saw testers for the Viva Glam lipsticks, remembering how people were going on about it I decided to purchase both Gaga and Cyndi -because I couldn't decide which one was better at the time.
The guy serving me seemed pretty over the moon knowing that I am purchasing them anyway and I think he looked like he prancing. How strange, but I thought it was rather cute nonetheless. 

So here they are:

People have said the lipsticks are rather sheer and it takes a couple of coats before it get's to the colour like it's on the poster. They are rather sheer but I like them that way because it allows me to adjust the shade I want -versatile wear?! 
The resulting look it gives off is a glossy one I would say -well it's obvious it's not matte - so it's good, you don't have to apply lipgloss if you don't want to. 
Of course, these lippies smells yummy like most MAC lipsticks should (I'm not paying £12.50 each if they smell chemically in any sort of way.) Smells like cocoa butter =]

If you're asking me which is my fav...well I fancy the Gaga more. I love it because I could wear it anytime, it suits most looks I wear and thanks to the sheerness I could control how pigmented it should stain on my lips. Whereas the Cyndi, I'm not so sure about. =/ I do like it, but I would find it difficult to wear during a casual day etc. I'm probably just not a red lippy person. I have a friend who said I look weird with that lipstick on. =O I thought about giving it away but, nah, I'll keep it for nights out. ^^ 

Also "the full RRP (less VAT) goes towards helping women, men and kids everywhere affected by HIV and Aids." -so it claims on their website. So yes you get to do something good whilst shopping -oh the joy!

Soapy wearing Viva Glam Gaga

Soapy wearing Viva Glam Cyndi

So now I really ought to pack for my stay in Newcastle (party time! =])....that or I should SLEEP!!! u___u""

Soapy C.

FOTD: Sun Star

MAC Prep and Prime
Maybelline Pure Cover Mineral Concealer in Nude Beige
Maybelline Pure Foundation Mineral Loose Powder in Vanilla Rose
Revlon bronzer in 02. Summer Bronze
Topshop Make-up Highlighter in Sunbeam


Bloom Retractable Brow Definer in Medium Brown
MAC Prep and Prime eye primer in Medium
Revlon ColorStay retractable eyeliner in Black (tight-lining)
Topshop Make-up trio shadow in Sun Star

L'oreal Super Liner in Carbon Gloss
Eylure faux lashes in no. 100

Rimmel Colour Show Off Lipstick in Shake-up Pink
Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss in Coral Reef

*All pictures taken under natural light using my phone HTC Magic =O

Happy Father's Day =]

Soapy C.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Soapy Battles Insomnia

Being a geek (well...not quite) I wiki-d the word insomnia and here's what I found:"Insomnia is a symptom which can accompany several sleep, medical and psychiatric disorders, characterized by persistent difficulty falling asleep and/or difficulty staying asleep. Insomnia is typically followed by functional impairment while awake.
Both organic and non-organic insomnia without other cause constitute a sleep disorder, primary insomnia. One definition of insomnia is "difficulties initiating and/or maintaining sleep, or nonrestorative sleep, associated with impairments of daytime functioning or marked distress for more than 1 month." "

I think insomnia, to me is "difficulties initiating" sleep. I hate the feeling where I jsut lie on my bed and stare at the ceiling, unable to sleep. The more I can't sleep, the more stress I become, eventually, I just don't sleep until I am knackered out totally. Of course, not every single night is like that for me. I do have nights where I sleep just fine. I also sleep so much easily during daytime. The thing is, I really want to sort my bio-clock out.

I guess my sleeping patterns have been mucked up since I've started to work (aged 16?), all the jobs I've had finishes late (well in Meadowood I finished at 9 but because I hadn't done anything but work, when I get home I feel like sleeping, as if I wana do things I want to do because I haven't done all day long - awkward). But I don't really know the real cause of my sleeping habits. Perhaps it's stress. I worry about a lot of things. I really do. Be it things that are vital or not, I just worry about them. Perhaps it's my emotions -depression? I can't say I'm actually depressed, because I'm not like unhappy every single day, I do smile and I do laugh, it's just a lot of my friends portrait me as some moody girl probably on her periods every single day. I'm not though. Truth be told, you guys don't see me every day nor do you follow me around etc so honestly, I don't see why people like to think of me that way - maybe you guys just happen to always only catch me on my bad days =____="

I want to clarify this; I'm a person, I have feelings, I am living a life where there are bad things that happen to me and everything around me. Despite this, I have good things that happen to me too, and this is the thing - they don't come often. Basically, what I am trying to say is, I react on what happens to me or around me during the day. You never know in life, things just happen. I can't promise anyone that I will be a happy person etc. I won't lie and I won't pretend. However, I try. I really do. Someone took a piece of me, but I tried and still trying to get myself back into one piece again. I can't say I'm strong either.

Nevertheless, I'm not that bad as you guys think. Mood swings - yes. Everyday mood swings -no. I don't believe I've ever said much about people when they have their bad days, I either try to cheer them up (effort and a half I agree) or I choose to ignore that they are upset and what not but will stay beside them even if it means there's silence. It's ok, I'm very fond of silence, it's nice. =] Anyway, I take things day by day. And I always think, you haven't lived a life yet if you haven't cried as well as laugh. I hope you guys understand better of me now, if not a little. I'm a realist (well....can't say I'm a 100% realist) and when I have to pretend I'm this and that, it's suffocation. I can do it no problem of course, but it's like feeling really bloated lol! -so you know I can never be like them proper two face kinda people, I can't lie for sh*t. hahahaha

Oh my I'm going off topic now! I always tend to ramble on and on into something sorry. =___="

So anyway, last night (and you might as well count tonight as well...and some other nights too....) the insomnia got really bad. I was rolling and rolling in bed for hours. I took Nytol although I shouldn't because the side effects of what this pill gives me is such a pain like:
  1. it's a depressant to me
  2. it gives me heartburn (or something like heartburn...oh I don't know I don't do cardiac)
  3. my breathing becomes heavy and sometimes I choke on it -not joking, I really do.
  4. when I do eventually fall asleep and then wake up, sometimes, my body is all numbed out -I can't really tell if its numbness, but if not, it's as if my arms and legs have become ten times heavier to move.
  5. this stuff don't work on me. I took them last night and I didn't sleep until hours later. occchh
I've been told to not take them ever again.
I went to work and my god I've never felt myself moving so slow before! Everything I was doing felt 10times slower of something, I don't mean the night was slow, just me being slow.
I was so tired and of course moody/grumpy. I think for a moment, I wanted to cry because I am so tired. Once I had finished work, I decided to go to the gym (yes my gym is 24hrs), which you might find as something silly to do when you're that tired, but I actually felt the need to run because this kind of tiredness has made me upset. =[
I don't know about you, but when I'm really REALLY feeling down in the dumps, I like to go for a run.

When I got home I decided that this insomnia needs to be dead. Because I think I was upsetting one or two people when I got home on msn/fb. It bugged me that. grrrrrr....!!!
So this is the plan get my sleeping patterns correct, if not at least get me to bed by 2am and not 7/8am (sometimes it's 10/11am):
  • gym in the mornings
  • go back on Evian/ Volvic...whatever...water will do and less less less coke, irn bru (awww man my fav drink) etc
  • make sure I eat enough but not too much - because I know I can't sleep if I'm hungry.
  • try not to take naps during the day, if I do though, no more than an hours nap.
  • keep myself during the day - that way I won't take naps and tire myself out so that I could sleep at night
I know I won't keep to all the things listed, but if I do most of it I should be fine. =]
Now, it's 6:25, I ought to sleep.
I hope when I wake up I'll feel better like this =] and write more blogs (I've written a list of blogs and videos to do).

If you have any advice/suggestions for me you are welcome to comment below.


ps. To the person I always give "grief" to: I'm sorry la. 5 ho lau la =[ Sorry for hmmmpphhh-ing you tonight >0<....!!!

Friday, 28 May 2010


It seems like a while since I've been blogging - sorwwwyyy! =[ Last week I was suppose to be posting up a few blogs, but I was tied up in some family crisis, so yeh...I basically just stayed in bed all week long until I had work. =___="
Anyway, so over the month I've purchased a few (the word is few!) products and have been testing a few things too. Some products were good, others were hm... let's say I gave them a shot, and now I know...!
So here are a few of the stuff I purchased from blushcosmetics ...

W7 eyeshadow palette

This was a huge bargain find. At £6.99 how could I possibly not purchase it and not give it a shot? I looked at the colours and I thought, the colours are wonderful because they are mainly the colours I would use. A total of 77 colours divided from warm colours to cool shades.
I haven't actually took a picture of the colour swatch, but I have been using it a couple of occassions already.
I have to say, I never really noticed that I've been using W7's silky eyes eyeshadow, comparing the two type, silky eyes definitely is more pigmented and stays on better. However, with this palette, the colours do blend very well, and it maybe easier to use your fingers to apply than the applicators or brushes if you want the colours to be more defined.
Would I purchase another W7 palette or eyeshadow? Well, no. Their silky eyes collection, maybe. Although, to be fair if I use an eye primer before using the eyeshadows it may go along much better.

W7's Light Diffusing Concealer

This is a miss. Even though it was only £3.99, I still think it's a waste. The concealer itself seems really oily to me, so it almost gives me no coverage. I don't really have dark circles under my eyes as such, but on a tired day when I want to brighten my eyes a tad, it really doesn't do it's job. So this is when you tell yourself, bargains, not really bargains if they become useless.
I'm on the hunt for a good concealer at the moment. In the meantime, I use Maybelline's stick concealers, they are thick which is why they give such good coverage, though sometimes I think they might be blocking my pores too much. So the hunt is on!

Lastly on blushcosmetics, I bought this...

Salon System's Spot Treatment serum

Guess how much this was?....£1!!! Again, I thought, why not!? I have really bad breakouts, and here I thought teen years have long gone, but it seems like the spots are staying! How sad.
So anyway, over the years I've tried a lot of spot fighting products. So this would be one of them. IT DOESN'T WORK! Hence the price. =___="
It does make you feel like it works but it does nothing, my spot became more aggressive if anything. I went back to using my Garnier spot roller, and it calmed down. I've stopped using this spot treatment, not knowing what to do with it anymore. *sigh*

Other than these products, I took advantage of the 3for2 for Revlon offer in Boots and adding to my Revlon collection (as you might have seen my second video, I have a Revlon collection. I do have some respect for this drugstore brand).
Revlon: Nail Polish in Lilac Pastelle, Lipglosses in Coral Reef + Peach Petal

I'm not a fan of Revlon's nail polishes, they almost always streaks! Effort and a half to apply them! I really think the company should think about the consistency of their nail polish. No doubt they were never going to replace my love for Barry M's nail polishes. However, I really do like this year's Revlon S/S'10 collection, and the colours for their nail polishes are actually much better than the one's seen for Barry M.
The lipglosses I am in love with. They keep my lips moist, and they come in amazing colours.
I'm having a small obsession with coral colours this season (be it eyeshadows or lip colours), coral reef in this case was just what I need for a lipgloss.
These lipglosses also don't smell (or taste) chemical-ly unlike some drugstore products. Despite this, I can't really smell anything just now, my nose at 4:30am, is a bit blocked. lol! But I've never really thought the taste or smell had bugged me.

Ok, finally, my last product is an eyebrow pencil...
Bloom's retractable eyebrow pencil in medium brown

This is the very first eyebrow product I've ever bought, otherwise I really only use eyeliners to draw my brows on - to be honest, I'm quite a hairy person, therefore, my brows grow really quick so somedays it doesnt even matter if I don't draw my brows on.
But I felt the need to my eyebrows properly, and thus I bought this. I haven't tried other eyebrow products to compare or make a review of this, but if you want, I think this is a convenient one. I would probably purchase a manually-sharpened pencil the next time though, because it will give a even easier way to draw my brows, more defined.
And pfffft this thin pencil costed me £9!!! So no thanks for a re-purchase!

So that's me for this post. I've bought a few other things, but I'm still testing them and I've decided to dedicate a video for them instead seeing how I've also not been updating my channel recently (I'm telling you it's such an effort making videos if you are a person like me! -lazy and inherits a whispering-like voice although! I think it's the camera's fault for the volume matter. grrrr)
Anyhow, I'm try and update more later. I'll be in Belfast on 31/5-3/6 so I'll do a post on my trip since I've never been to Belfast before! I'm so excited in case you are wondering! =]


Thursday, 13 May 2010

Q and A (for a friend with questions =])

Before I begin, I hope you all know that I have now setted up my own YouTube channel, in hope to show you people what I have found interesting as well as where I have been, and what things I've learnt from other people. In saying though, just because I am doing videos, does not promote me to be some sort of guru, and I do not intend to be one too (just isn't me lol). I could give small advice, but there are mostly things I've learnt from other people. =]
So far I have made two videos and by the way, it actually takes a long time for me to make one because I have to n.g. so many times ><>
Do go and check them out, I could do with some advice on improvements that could be made or requests made by you on what videos I should shoot.
Click here for my channel. =]

Moving on... one of my friends has just asked me literally minutes ago about some queries she has after watching my second video. And thus, I decided to answer part of question on this blog instead of going all that trouble in making another video (effort and a half videos).
The first question was (and these are all make up related questions by the way):
Why are foundations important?
-Well to be real frank about it, foundations arent even important at all if you have clear skin! For me however it is rather vital within my make up routine because I have a lot of breakouts, marks left by spots and redness. Thus, I use foundation to cover them up. (Which answers your question on what it's functions are.)
Not only so, sometimes people may have uneven skin tones so a good foundation could help them even out the colour on their face. Some foundations may have a function that smoothes out wrinkle lines too by filling in the lines (at least that's how I think it works).

Second Question:
What makes an eyeliner, a good eyeliner?
-There are actually different types of eyeliners believe it or not! =O For example you get liquid liners, pencil kohl liners, or the twisty ones (like the one on my video). Obviously, the different types of eyeliners are used to create different effects.
A good eyeliner however is that it doesn't melt/smudge and that the colour should stay - although, most eyeliners will fade after a few hours of wear, so the longer the colour stays the better.
Oh! And when I said it shouldn't smudge, its not definte for all eyeliners because pencil liners sometimes are used for creating smokey looks, so sometimes we use a brush to brush out the liner to blend it with the eye shadow.

Third Question:
What does press powder do?
-Press powders are used to finish off after foundation. It helps to keep your foundation in place, and to give an extra boost on coverage.

So I hope I've answered all your questions. =] Do remember though, I'm no make up artist so I can't be 100% correct on all of this. =] Still a learner myself.

Soapy xxx

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Soapy's SOS Sale

Hey there people!

I've setted up a group on FB where I am selling my clothes. Please do msg my inbox on FB or email to if you want to purchase an item. All the information of postage etc are on the group's page.

Besides just selling my clothes, I've decided to do something good, and thus 15% of my profit will go to my choosen charity, Cancer Research Uk for Breast Cancer in this case.

I am happy to announce I have one buyer already and would like to thank her for her custom =].

Every piece of garment is a first come first serve so if you want something, be quick about it.

Pieces that dont seem very popular I will end up selling them on ebay (I'm just doing this on FB now so that all my friends could take part in donating)

Sadly I don't own any men pieces, but if my brother has a few things he wants to sell, I will inform you lads right away, but in the meantime if you could do me a favour and spread the word to all your girlfriends and sister ...and mums even! ^^

Finally I would like to thank you those who have joined the group anyway, and that I appreciate the thought in your support! =]

IF you do not wish to purchase any of my items, do consider donating a few quid to

Thank You ! ^^"



Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Soapy's SOS Sale [intro]

I'm in great danger in losing my beloved car and I swear if I lose my car, I will never in this lifetime forgive myself. My overdraft is almost maxed out and I have the fattest zero on both accounts, thus I am not going out, shutting myself down from the nightlife, staying home, enjoying the darkness with my curtains closed - yes I'm with my darkside for this period of time as you could see I am loaded with money stress. ==

The dresses I upload will be ones I've worn out to clubs and you may or may not have seen me wearing them. All my dresses should be in good condition, if they aren't I'm not selling them, and will probably reinvent with them instead.
My sizes are normally 8-10, but must I make comment that some dresses could fit people who are size 12 as they are loose clothing?!

I will rummage my wardrobe if I find anything else that may interest you.

Prices will vary and if you are out of Edinburgh, post and package will be charged. ( in this case, Edinburgh folks will have their purchases delivered.)

Anyway, need to start photographing them clothing now. See you in a bit!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Review: Miso and Sushi

Two of my friends went to a new Japanese restuarant lately and decided to go as far as making a Facebook page for it. So I thought, why not give that a try?

Now I have to clear this up, I am no food expert nor taster, but I do enjoy food because I was brought up to enjoy food (and to cherish it mostly). In terms of Japanese food, well...being stuck in Arowana for a year and a half now, taught me a feel bits and bobs. Although Arowana isn't even a decent Japanese restaurant to say the least, the dear sushi chef, my kind friend, has indeed taught me a lot already and I am lucky to have been able to enjoy a few delicacies not seen on any menu from Sushiya to Tangs. =] This is not to say I could make sushi properly, I could barely make a cucumber maki without overloading it with rice causing the roll to burst. The only thing I could properly make is a hand roll.

So anyway, I headed to Miso and Sushi on Monday with a girlfriend. My first impression of the restaurant as I walked in was that it had this Chinesy restaurant feel more than anything; the way the tables were set, the wall hanging on the wall, the slightly dirty red carpet - I suddenly remembered a Korean restaurant Kevin and I went to in Manchester that gave me the same first impression, but the food turned out rather nice, thus I decided to not think too much of the setting, although, if I was to compare to other Japanese restaurant, I would actually describe this one as "scruffy". I think it's nice sometimes to give your customers an ideal surrounding, it makes them think that you have probably spent some hard effort on this restaurant.Nevertheless, we took our time looking at the menu, sent the waitress back a few times, gutted that they couldn't make me a pearl milk tea even though it's on the menu nor pour me a lychee juice drink. I settled with a pot of green tea between us. They also have a buffet for £15 per head but you would have to eat up your selected sushi within 90mins and to have no leftovers or an extra £5 charge to the bill.I didn't buy that idea very much, so ordered from their a la carte menu and ended with:

[Salmon Skin Roll]

[Agedashi Tofu]

[Chilli Beef Ramen]

After what must have be 30mins did I get my meal and another what feels like 10minutes did my friend get her bento box. There was also another customer who came in right after we had placed our order and I noticed how long he had to wait just for a bowl of ramen and complained about the wait and that he was now running late in meeting someone. In the end though, he did sit back down and ate up the ramen.

The salmon skin maki was really nice, it was what I had expected, crispy centre and the cucumber to give it extra oommmphhh although (and this is personal choice) I am not a fan of seasame seeds, but it's fine, I'm not fussy - the other option is that you could layer raw salmon on the outside but obviously that would cost more and probably take them longer to do (though my dear sushi chef friend only took about 5minutes to make me a sample).

The ramen I had was alright, but probably because I had already tried the best freshly made ramen during my trip in Paris, once I came back, no ramen here could impress me anymore, and likewise, this didn't either because they were bought from Seewoo or some place similar. The chilli beef inside was good though. I know that the Japanese don't have a hot and spicy fancy in particular (even their chilli oil, don't seem the least spicy) but I did find if this chilli beef was spicier it would've been more yum yum. This must've been to do with me being Chinese. In the end I did suggest to the manager that they could make it a tiny bit more spicier, just to bring the beef to flavour.

Now tofu...we all know how I feel about tofu. lol I love tofu so this dish had to impress me whatsoever. So glad to say, it did. =] It was just right, nothing much to say. The sauce especially, completed it.

My friend, Holly however commented how the soft shell crab was too salty and a bit dry. I assumed they must've left it in the oil for too long. Otherwise, she pretty musch enjoyed her salmon teriyaki in which she says and I quote: this must be the best salmon I've had. Her bento box came with miso soup but somehow they had forogtten about it, luckily we reminded them.

In the end, the manager chatted with us for a bit and asked for our opinion. I thought it was good that he was asking for our opinions -though we were trying to rush to St Lucas for desserts - because they are newly opened so there's a lot to be improved and learn. (He also gave us the tea for free.)

Overall, I very much enjoyed my meal despite the wait. Was also gutted how their main chef was away so we couldn't have them special desserts. Anyhow, these are their marks out of 10:

Service*: 6/10

Food: 9.5/10

Setting: 3/10

Would I ever go back? Well, I would have to make sure I have no other plans later on the evening for all the waiting, otherwise, I would go back for the salmon skin maki and to try the other dishes they offer. I would also like to see if they've improved the time we wait.

*Service was judged purely from my what I learn from work over the past 6 years from a small cafe to a highly rated restaurant (China Town). Also how long the food took to be served too is important - too long is too long we obviously came in because we want our food, some people do come in because they are starving (like I was). I also find lines like "we don't serve until we are absolutely sure it's 100% perfect" are excuses (even I used them sometimes in Arowana if there was a wait) If you are good, you're good for you will know what you are doing. I do understand however, that this isn't a fast food restaurant but we're also not going to sit here all night waiting for a few dishes I know myself don't take that long to cook.

Miso and Sushi Japanese Restaurant

46a Haymarket Terrace


Facebook group:!/group.php?gid=115440398475075&v=info&ref=ts

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Happy Birthday Phil!

Just want to say a BIG HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY to my brother, Phil! I'm sure I've said this so many times, but he and the other two wee ones means the world to me!

I hope he is having a splendid day, most likely with kelly and I will see him tomorrow at dinner! =]

Love you bro!

Love for the mini Diana

In the middle of shopping in Urban Outfitters (opened not long ago in Edinburgh) on a Friday lunchtime, I discovered this...

My first thought was, is this a toy camera that costs £50??? But as I spun the box round and round, then looked at it for a few minutes more, I discovered that this camera takes Lomography pictures.

This Diana mini camera takes pictures with a radiant, faded, lo-fi result.


Of course I could achieve the same result with the help of photo editing programs like Photoshop, Photoscape etc. But the thought of carrying this convient mini camera around which takes pictures to the result I adore so much, seems like a good idea to give it a good thought whether to buy it or not. Still in the middle of thinking hahaha.

Sigh...Perhaps I'll give up this idea after a few days since I have a long list of slimming products to get to =P But the point is, I like the concept of the Diana mini. =]

[I would write more, bu I haven't slept (insomnia) so my brain isn't functioning too well =="]

Thursday, 8 April 2010

The welcome note

Hey everyone! Moving away from Facebook notes, this will be my place to blog write however I wish, so I welcome you. =]
Normally in my blogs I talk a lot about myself and my thoughts etc etc etc... However, I'll try not to write too much about my personal life and blah blah blah because *yawn* it'll bore you. Instead I'm hoping to write a lot on art, fashion, beauty and style as well as anything else I find really interesting along the way ie. books, movies, food and restaurants.

Gotta go fix this page, but will keep posting later! =]


ps. yes I am indeed bored.