Sunday, 10 November 2013

[LookBook] Oct'13... Studio

I know, I know. We're well into November and  we've only JUST posted October's LookBook's content. Our excuse? I could assure you though, we both have legit reasons; we're both equally busy as heck with uni/college work! Fortunately, we found an opportunity last month when one of Matthew's assignments was to produce two low-key and two hi-key studio images. 
The outfits I have choosen were simple, but mostly because I wasn't entirely sure what my photographer wanted because he changed his ideas a lot- men! In the end, I just took whatever the heck I felt that would meet the middle. Basically, I picked items that would contrast the background. 
We were especially impressed with how well the butterfly camisole dress showed up in the white background- the colours on the butterfly print played as a good accent to the photo as a whole.
For the black background, the idea was to give a ghost-like mood, with a lot of desaturation to the original photo- this is a very Matt-thing, rather different from how I would approach my own photos when editing. 
The outfit for this background coincidently reminded me of the painting "The Black Mirror" by William Nicholson, that I have been studying for my project in uni.... but all the same really, its all about contrast for us. We also played with my new hat and using it to create some shadowed effect. 

I did indeed retouched my skin in all these photos because I can get quite self-concious about how my skin looks, especially when I haven't been having any good-skin-days lately due to lack of sleep, a very poor diet and lots of stress (and mental breakdowns- har har). More on that later in another post of my new skin-care routine. Regardless, the original photos are (always) on Matt's page.

Look 1:


Camisole dress- Topshop
Cut-Out boots- New Look

Look 2:

Dress- H&M
Hat - H&M
Necklace- Dior
Bracelet- Tiffany&Co

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Haul: Some hair products...

Went out for another crazy-out-of-the-blue haul at Boots and bought some hair products. 
I saw a few easy "effortless" looking hair styling videos lately and really wanted to try them out...and then I entered the hair products aisle...dun dun duuuunnn ! 

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil
Kent round brush
Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Mousse
Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Hot Styler Spray

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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

LOTD: Hello October!

October is here already. Today, I felt like the absolute worst! Perhaps it's the weather or perhaps its my busy schedule lately that took me down. Nevertheless, I went ahead and got ready even though I wasn't stepping out of the house.
I haven't been using eyeshadows lately. I'm always running late these days, that I don't even bother. So I decided to play around with my Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette that I bought a while ago. I have to say, the brow-bone colours/highlighting shadows in this palette seems to be a bit chalky....I ended up using colours from my Naked 1 palette instead. However, the rest of the shadows seem to go on fine, but I wouldn't say they are amazing shadows.
Since it's October, I thought I would do a look that resembles the fall using a green-gold shadow from the romantic eye palette in Honeymoon and a dark copper brown in Ever After, applying this at the outer eye in a horizontal V motion and blending this a lot with Honeymoon.
I evened out my lids with double-eye lid tape. These aren't the best tape in the world because I know you can get ones that are almost invisible, whereas the ones I am using just now, you could see the tape.
I've also fixed my brows (I'm ALWAYS trying to perfect my brows) by following the brow-bone that frames my face.
Lips I've been falling back in love with Revlon's lip butters and today I picked out my all-time favourite: Tutti Frutti. On the face and cheeks, I've use Revlon's Colourstay foundation, Vivo bronzer in Baked Bronze and Sleek blush in from their contour and blush palette in Light.

Now all that would make me feel even better is a bar of Twirl chocolate...sadly there's isn't any near me. 

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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

[LookBook] Sept'13...Portobello Beach

The idea of lookbooks nowadays isn't just because of the "look" or style of clothing people pay attention to; it is also about the photography. With this concept in mind, I teamed up with friend and photographer-to-be, Matthew Chan to create a lookbook that is not only for me to "show off" my personal style tastes, but also create images that emphasises the look from a photographer's point of view. Of course, with the both of us still at the learning stages in the areas we want to specialise in our careers, we also look at this lookbook concept as a sort of shared learning journal or log-book... 

Thus, I now welcome you to the first monthly instalment of our lookbook! (haha!)

For September, Matthew chose the location, Portobello beach which is at our hometown, Edinburgh. I believe the idea of the first few images was to show a "depth of field" (photography terms, in which I am almost as clueless as he is in sewing). I do want to note that the photos here have been edited by me to show how I see the photos should be on my own blog but the directioning etc was all Matthew's. 

My look in September can be described as grungy (if you must), but lately, my wardrobe has been a bit grey and monochromatic... I can't really justify most of the time why I have picked out the outfits I wear. Sometimes, they have a functional purpose, sometimes it's for comfort and other times it is purely because I wake up with this outfit in my mind. Nevertheless, I wear what I feel, and yes, sometimes they follow trends, sometimes they don't, but what does it matter when it is a lookbook that has no specific constraints other than it being my personal preferences at the time? Perhaps over a period of time, and after several more looks, I will begin to find the identity of my style, but at the moment, the freedom to explore still remains... 

Ankle Boots from H&M
Bag from Chronic Pinkoholic
Scarf belongs to Matthew, from a random shop (that sells incense apparently...!)

Hat, Coat and Knee-high socks from H&M
Dress from Forever 21

Loafers from H&M
Bracelets from New Look
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Sunday, 1 September 2013

What's in my travel pack?

So I'm not always home. And over the years, especially ever since I started uni and I was staying on-campus, I travelled between campus and home (for work at the weekends) a lot(!) thus, I have been trying to solve the problem of HOW to pack my beauty products whilst travelling, or staying over at friends etc etc. 

I'm pretty happy with how my "pack" is these days. It's all very compact, it fits in my handbag neatly (obviously not the dinky wee bags, but one of decent size) and it isn't heavy to walk around with. So if you go between places a lot, you are staying over at your boyfriend's/friends or you're going on holiday- whatever the reason!- I hope this would be helpful.  

As I have mentioned, it is all very compact. Nothing too oversized. Essentially, I have two make-up bags: one is an Estee Lauder snake-skin, thats probably just a little bit bigger than an A5 sheet of paper and the other is a pencil case-like bag that I got from one of my Glossybox a while ago. 
If you wear contacts like me, you should purchase a travel-size bottle of solution, and it's also re-usable, so you can refill when you've finished.
Make-up wipes are the best for when you want to travel light! The Simple Oil-balancing wipes are my favourite as it cleanses my make-up without leaving that sticky residue other wipes do, instead it leaves my skin feeling matte and fresh.  

Here is what's inside the bags!...Surprised?

In the purple zip-bag I normally pack a toothbrush and hoping that other people will have toothpaste, then I have these Muji stack containers where I store my moisturisers, face primer and face wash -I told you it was compact didn't I? Then I shove all my make-up brushes, brow palette, foundation, powder and a blush in it.

In the pencil-case bag, I put in all my pen-like make-up inside. So concealers, mascaras, gel/kohl/liquid liners, tweezers, Carmex and there's space for my Shu Uemura lash curler! Normally I would put in my favourite lipstick of the week in there too.
If I remember, I try to bring my own face cloth because I somehow feel silly asking for a face-cloth, so I'd rather bring my own.

Unless I knew I was going to somewhere special or if it was to some special occassion, this is generally what I take with me. I hardly wear eye-shadows or false lashes these days as I feel there isn't an actual need especially when I'm always in a rush.

Happy 1st September folks! Can't believe the year has gone by so quickly!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Favourite Product of the Week: Refresh!


This week's favourite is Shu Uemura's Depsea Rose mist. I've had this for a while now, but neglected it until recently. I started using it again because lately my skin is acting up again and is looking rather dull due to too many late nights which has caused me to be even more lazy with my skin care routine. 
I use this with and without make-up on and it basically helps re-moist my skin and it gives a refreshing feeling after (probably because of it's lovely scent).
.Now, if I am honest, I wouldn't say this product is totally amazing or it has made a huge difference to my skin, but I feel that it's very handy to have when you are on the go and you need a refresher and re-moist. What is also good is that you could use it for your hair and body too. 

Shu Uemura offers other scents too, for example: mint, lavender, chamomile... and one that is unscented for those who do not like anything scented or are sensitive. 

Monday, 5 August 2013


At the beginning of this summer, I visited the Botanic Gardens in my hometown Edinburgh (of course). The purpose wasn't to look at pretty plants, but I was helping a friend with his photography course, obviously I was asked to be his model for the day. Because he was working with black and white film, I was requested to wear something with pattern and texture so that it comes off better. 
Luckily, the weather god was being good to us and it was sunny with warm temperatures (I sound like a forecaster haha). 
I haven't visited the Botanic Gardens probably since I was still in junior school! It was refreshing to go again, and it made me feel really relaxed again, especially this was at the time I had just finished and handed in all my assignments. 
So what did I wear on the day? 
Blazer from River Island
Romper from River Island
Shoes from H&M
Hat from H&M
Sunglasses from H&M

I always feel that, no matter what, I need to feel comfortable in my clothing wherever I am, so I went for a floral romper- easy, one piece, no fuss. Then a blazer in case it got chilly (living in Scotland, you never know, next thing you know it could be torrential rain - luckily that didn't happen).
I'm also so in love with the strap heels. These are very "on-trend" this summer after seeing them appear on a lot of fashion blogs. 
I do cringe at how I had a wee bump in this photo-haha! >< But whatever, I wasn't naturally model-made, just merely helping a friend. 

Ps. It's funny, because I will be at the Botanic Gardens for a wedding just as this post is schedule to go live. Looking forward to being the bride's MUA of the day. 

DISCLAIMER: All images were taken by Matthew Chan (but edited by myself). Permission was permitted to use these images on this blog =]

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Favourite Product of the Week: Tutti Frutti

So my favourite product of the week is a lip product and since it's summer, I like to opt for a more coral lip colour. My favourite this week is Revlon's Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti 015. Now these have been out in the shops for a while now (must've been at least a year or two now) so you can still grab them at most Revlon counters or drugstores and I've probably had this one for about a year(?)...

I'm just so in love with the colour and its versatility to go with most of the eye looks I go for. It's also wearable on a daily basis because even though it's corally-red, it isn't overwhelmingly bright which is great because I could also wear this to work and it just gives me a pop of colour. The application comes off semi-sheer but build-able. Of course, because it is a lip butter, it is also super moisturising which is just what I need lately.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Sleek Make-Up Haul

Bought a couple of Sleek products lately since I have heard good things about Sleek and wanted to try out myself. I have only previously ever owned two other sleek products and that was their Kajal liner (which I didn't really like) and the Original mineral based eyeshadow palette (I liked it but it isn't my everyday go-to palette). This time, I picked up 3 of their blush/contour palettes, 2 lip palettes and their eye primer palette. 

I always automatically assume that whenever lippys are in a palette form, they are never as good quality and they always have this plastic or chemical smell to them. Now even though these Sleek lip palettes still have a slight chemical smell to them, I really love first and foremost for their colour and pigmentation which ultimately gave them a good staying power. However I would suggest pre-moisturising your lips first before applying the colour because they can get quite drying.
I think with the colour selection they have, it's quite good to have in your kit but I wish they came in one big palette as well so it would mean carrying less.

The blushes and contour palettes? Offftt... I'd say they are comparable with some of MAC's powder blushes. The quality is just excellent and I like how they have a light and medium version for contouring. And like the lip palettes, they have an excellent pigmentation which maximises it's staying power.
As for it's eyeshadow primer palette? I was rather disappointed. When I came to use it, it almost felt like I was putting on a product that was from one of those kids make-up. It lacked something that would tick the quality box. I'm being very vague because to be frank, I haven't used it enough to give a full commentary on it. What I could say is that I really like the colour variety they have included which could be used in almost any eye-look.    

Primer Palette 600

Blush by 3 in Pumpkin 363

Face Form blush and Contour in Light 373

Face Form blush and contour in Medium 374

Lip4 Lipstick Palette in Siren 859

Lip4 Lipstick Palette in Ballet 858

Monday, 29 July 2013

Summer Wander

A couple of weeks ago I tagged along with the family to Cairnie Fruit Farm for what was meant to be a day of strawberry picking but I literally spent hours sunbathing instead (and got totally burnt). However, I did finally make use of my camera and wandered off a couple of times (my mother insisted I do because I look bored just watching kids play). 
Here are some photos I took and managed to edit. I'm still trying to work out how to use a dslr, so don't mind me, I'm an amateur- haha!