Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Bargain: Asda Clear Skin facial wipes

So one time shopping in Asda with my boyfriend for food, I always lurk to the skin essentials aisle. I normally just pick up some cutton buds or cotton pads, but decided to purchase a pack of facial wipes for lazy nights when I just can't be bothered to do the usual routine and but still want to get rid of any make-up before I doze off (at least my skin could breath then).
At the time I think it was retailed at 80p per pack, but I think it is now £1? However it is still extremely affordable. I absolutely love these wipes because they contain tea tree and witch hazel to help prevent spots. It leaves this tingling feeling that makes my face feel refreshed. It also clears up a lot if not all of my make up off. Compare to the usual drugstore wipes that retails from £4+ this does the job for me for a smaller price.
Of course I don't rely on it everyday, but it's really handy for me if I'm away from home, staying over at Newcastle for example.
The only thing about this is that I would never use this to clear up any eye make-up because the ingrediants would be too harsh for the eyes, and generally I would never use facial wipes to remove eye-make-up. I prefer using my Botanics eye make up remover as it keeps my eyes soft and supple.
In saying so, the wipes it self may not be as soft or as good quality as pricier ones, but as long as you don't rub too hard against your but gently rub in circles, it should be fine. =]

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