Friday, 15 April 2011

Feeling Better

Before this blog, I was always ranting on Facebook about this asshole and that asshole, this bad day and that bad day. I was always wanting to get away, move away. But as you grow older you would eventually find ways to stabilise yourself and your mind. To be honest, I never really used to give that much attention to make up or skincare, so in the space of almost a year my make-up and skincare range has tripled (and more?). Hey put it this way, my eyebrows have been shaped so many ways, I've just found the right shape for me. =] haha

I feel better when I put some make-up on, its crazy what it does to my mood. I feel better when it's something to grab my attention, to keep interested, to keep me from "thinking too much".

But recently, perhaps it's because of the sun that had been with us for the weekend just past and the 2day bbq parties, it just brightened my entire self up! It's a different kind of distraction if I must call it that. I like the mood, the scenery and yes! it was fun!!! Heaps of fun! I also ate too much too ><
In a way, I sort of regret thinking of leaving or getting out of thi "sh*thole", for once it's kind of nice. Once in a bluemoon everyone is together and having fun whilst being sobre. For once, I saw why home, is home.

Bless. =]

Jumping with the girls! woohooo
It's ok to cry, just remember how to laugh. =]

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