Thursday, 12 August 2010


I've been stalking my favourite Hong Kong and Taiwanese celebs for the past hours and hours....and hours! I even managed to get a friend to do the same too...

To manage this, I decided to join a site thats extremely like twitter except it's in chinese, much to my surprise at the amount of celebs that go on it and how often they use it (it's rather like my ridiculous obsession with facebook).

Feel free to stalk me (but don't stalk me in the way that you go into asking me my msn and crap like that...I do not give out msn -I don't often reply people on msn anyway unless I like you or actually want to chat):



chinese blog:


新浪微薄 chinese twitter:

I do actually get annoyed by a few particular people stalking me FB.... ... ... so let's no go into my FB eh!

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