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Review: Miso and Sushi

Two of my friends went to a new Japanese restuarant lately and decided to go as far as making a Facebook page for it. So I thought, why not give that a try?

Now I have to clear this up, I am no food expert nor taster, but I do enjoy food because I was brought up to enjoy food (and to cherish it mostly). In terms of Japanese food, well...being stuck in Arowana for a year and a half now, taught me a feel bits and bobs. Although Arowana isn't even a decent Japanese restaurant to say the least, the dear sushi chef, my kind friend, has indeed taught me a lot already and I am lucky to have been able to enjoy a few delicacies not seen on any menu from Sushiya to Tangs. =] This is not to say I could make sushi properly, I could barely make a cucumber maki without overloading it with rice causing the roll to burst. The only thing I could properly make is a hand roll.

So anyway, I headed to Miso and Sushi on Monday with a girlfriend. My first impression of the restaurant as I walked in was that it had this Chinesy restaurant feel more than anything; the way the tables were set, the wall hanging on the wall, the slightly dirty red carpet - I suddenly remembered a Korean restaurant Kevin and I went to in Manchester that gave me the same first impression, but the food turned out rather nice, thus I decided to not think too much of the setting, although, if I was to compare to other Japanese restaurant, I would actually describe this one as "scruffy". I think it's nice sometimes to give your customers an ideal surrounding, it makes them think that you have probably spent some hard effort on this restaurant.Nevertheless, we took our time looking at the menu, sent the waitress back a few times, gutted that they couldn't make me a pearl milk tea even though it's on the menu nor pour me a lychee juice drink. I settled with a pot of green tea between us. They also have a buffet for £15 per head but you would have to eat up your selected sushi within 90mins and to have no leftovers or an extra £5 charge to the bill.I didn't buy that idea very much, so ordered from their a la carte menu and ended with:

[Salmon Skin Roll]

[Agedashi Tofu]

[Chilli Beef Ramen]

After what must have be 30mins did I get my meal and another what feels like 10minutes did my friend get her bento box. There was also another customer who came in right after we had placed our order and I noticed how long he had to wait just for a bowl of ramen and complained about the wait and that he was now running late in meeting someone. In the end though, he did sit back down and ate up the ramen.

The salmon skin maki was really nice, it was what I had expected, crispy centre and the cucumber to give it extra oommmphhh although (and this is personal choice) I am not a fan of seasame seeds, but it's fine, I'm not fussy - the other option is that you could layer raw salmon on the outside but obviously that would cost more and probably take them longer to do (though my dear sushi chef friend only took about 5minutes to make me a sample).

The ramen I had was alright, but probably because I had already tried the best freshly made ramen during my trip in Paris, once I came back, no ramen here could impress me anymore, and likewise, this didn't either because they were bought from Seewoo or some place similar. The chilli beef inside was good though. I know that the Japanese don't have a hot and spicy fancy in particular (even their chilli oil, don't seem the least spicy) but I did find if this chilli beef was spicier it would've been more yum yum. This must've been to do with me being Chinese. In the end I did suggest to the manager that they could make it a tiny bit more spicier, just to bring the beef to flavour.

Now tofu...we all know how I feel about tofu. lol I love tofu so this dish had to impress me whatsoever. So glad to say, it did. =] It was just right, nothing much to say. The sauce especially, completed it.

My friend, Holly however commented how the soft shell crab was too salty and a bit dry. I assumed they must've left it in the oil for too long. Otherwise, she pretty musch enjoyed her salmon teriyaki in which she says and I quote: this must be the best salmon I've had. Her bento box came with miso soup but somehow they had forogtten about it, luckily we reminded them.

In the end, the manager chatted with us for a bit and asked for our opinion. I thought it was good that he was asking for our opinions -though we were trying to rush to St Lucas for desserts - because they are newly opened so there's a lot to be improved and learn. (He also gave us the tea for free.)

Overall, I very much enjoyed my meal despite the wait. Was also gutted how their main chef was away so we couldn't have them special desserts. Anyhow, these are their marks out of 10:

Service*: 6/10

Food: 9.5/10

Setting: 3/10

Would I ever go back? Well, I would have to make sure I have no other plans later on the evening for all the waiting, otherwise, I would go back for the salmon skin maki and to try the other dishes they offer. I would also like to see if they've improved the time we wait.

*Service was judged purely from my what I learn from work over the past 6 years from a small cafe to a highly rated restaurant (China Town). Also how long the food took to be served too is important - too long is too long we obviously came in because we want our food, some people do come in because they are starving (like I was). I also find lines like "we don't serve until we are absolutely sure it's 100% perfect" are excuses (even I used them sometimes in Arowana if there was a wait) If you are good, you're good for you will know what you are doing. I do understand however, that this isn't a fast food restaurant but we're also not going to sit here all night waiting for a few dishes I know myself don't take that long to cook.

Miso and Sushi Japanese Restaurant

46a Haymarket Terrace


Facebook group:!/group.php?gid=115440398475075&v=info&ref=ts

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  1. nice review!very detailed too and you remembered almost every bit of it.impressive =]