Thursday, 13 May 2010

Q and A (for a friend with questions =])

Before I begin, I hope you all know that I have now setted up my own YouTube channel, in hope to show you people what I have found interesting as well as where I have been, and what things I've learnt from other people. In saying though, just because I am doing videos, does not promote me to be some sort of guru, and I do not intend to be one too (just isn't me lol). I could give small advice, but there are mostly things I've learnt from other people. =]
So far I have made two videos and by the way, it actually takes a long time for me to make one because I have to n.g. so many times ><>
Do go and check them out, I could do with some advice on improvements that could be made or requests made by you on what videos I should shoot.
Click here for my channel. =]

Moving on... one of my friends has just asked me literally minutes ago about some queries she has after watching my second video. And thus, I decided to answer part of question on this blog instead of going all that trouble in making another video (effort and a half videos).
The first question was (and these are all make up related questions by the way):
Why are foundations important?
-Well to be real frank about it, foundations arent even important at all if you have clear skin! For me however it is rather vital within my make up routine because I have a lot of breakouts, marks left by spots and redness. Thus, I use foundation to cover them up. (Which answers your question on what it's functions are.)
Not only so, sometimes people may have uneven skin tones so a good foundation could help them even out the colour on their face. Some foundations may have a function that smoothes out wrinkle lines too by filling in the lines (at least that's how I think it works).

Second Question:
What makes an eyeliner, a good eyeliner?
-There are actually different types of eyeliners believe it or not! =O For example you get liquid liners, pencil kohl liners, or the twisty ones (like the one on my video). Obviously, the different types of eyeliners are used to create different effects.
A good eyeliner however is that it doesn't melt/smudge and that the colour should stay - although, most eyeliners will fade after a few hours of wear, so the longer the colour stays the better.
Oh! And when I said it shouldn't smudge, its not definte for all eyeliners because pencil liners sometimes are used for creating smokey looks, so sometimes we use a brush to brush out the liner to blend it with the eye shadow.

Third Question:
What does press powder do?
-Press powders are used to finish off after foundation. It helps to keep your foundation in place, and to give an extra boost on coverage.

So I hope I've answered all your questions. =] Do remember though, I'm no make up artist so I can't be 100% correct on all of this. =] Still a learner myself.

Soapy xxx

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