Thursday, 8 April 2010

The welcome note

Hey everyone! Moving away from Facebook notes, this will be my place to blog write however I wish, so I welcome you. =]
Normally in my blogs I talk a lot about myself and my thoughts etc etc etc... However, I'll try not to write too much about my personal life and blah blah blah because *yawn* it'll bore you. Instead I'm hoping to write a lot on art, fashion, beauty and style as well as anything else I find really interesting along the way ie. books, movies, food and restaurants.

Gotta go fix this page, but will keep posting later! =]


ps. yes I am indeed bored.


  1. heyy me like!am i the first visitor?=]

  2. Least you have an outlet of everything you do. Hopefully you will have fun doing this as you write a lot better than half the folk on facebook lol.