Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I'm in HK!

So yeh, I'm in Hong Kong just now and its getting late, I ought to be in bed becuase the family is going to Saigon tomorrow *thinks of yummy seafod* ^__________^
I just got my hair cut today, I tried to find you guys a picture of the latest pictures of Lena Fugii as she was the inspirational image I used. I'm loving this new do although, its shorter than my usual length, I think it's good to change, besides, my hair will grow back -slowly. If in doubt opt for hair extentions lol!

I'm not happy with the colour that had came out though, I'm going to have to re-do it when I'm back in Edin =[ I thought that was a waste of money...though I'm glad my roots are gone! hahahaha

Just took off my red wine mask I bought today as well, can't tell you much about it since its my first time using it, maybe by the tenth time I'll tell you =]

So anyway lately I've been busy meeting up people and hanging with my famly (although I do admit I try to avoid it because I just don't have that mood for family stuff as bad as it sounds....it's tiring and requires too much of my patience.)
I went ice skating yesterday, oh my word! I can not skate, it's been YEARS since I've put on them skates and set foot on a huge ice patch -thats not literally true since it was heavily snowed down n icy during winter =/ I fell on my bum and it hurted but I laughed it off because it was actually funny as much as I hate falling hahahahaha in the end though, it was worth giving ice skating another go after all them years =D I had fun with my little friend David who was giving a good attempt in teaching me LOL I admire the patience.

I love going out to have dinner with my friends too ^^ Sushi and korean bbq!!!! awww man I'm so satisfied!!! I thank them people for taking me to good places to eat! And for the good laugh =]

And yes, I went drinking hahahaha and yes I loved it!

I'm in HK and I'm glad to be away to forget a few things that's been bothering me back home. I'm glad to be away and I'm hoping to go home with a clear mind. I'm hoping I will stick to the plan and let my little heart heal a bit. =]

Hope you guys are having fun wherever you are. ^___________^"

ps. I know this blog is meant to be posted on my actual FB notes because it's not very cosmetic/skincare related....ahh weelllll same potato innit!

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