Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Soapy's SOS Sale [intro]

I'm in great danger in losing my beloved car and I swear if I lose my car, I will never in this lifetime forgive myself. My overdraft is almost maxed out and I have the fattest zero on both accounts, thus I am not going out, shutting myself down from the nightlife, staying home, enjoying the darkness with my curtains closed - yes I'm with my darkside for this period of time as you could see I am loaded with money stress. ==

The dresses I upload will be ones I've worn out to clubs and you may or may not have seen me wearing them. All my dresses should be in good condition, if they aren't I'm not selling them, and will probably reinvent with them instead.
My sizes are normally 8-10, but must I make comment that some dresses could fit people who are size 12 as they are loose clothing?!

I will rummage my wardrobe if I find anything else that may interest you.

Prices will vary and if you are out of Edinburgh, post and package will be charged. ( in this case, Edinburgh folks will have their purchases delivered.)

Anyway, need to start photographing them clothing now. See you in a bit!

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