Sunday, 20 June 2010

REVIEW: M.A.C. Viva Glam Lipsticks

Oh my god, this review was suppose to be up weeks ago! >____<" I even said to a friend that I will be doing one when I first bought them. sigh....

So anyway, a few weeks back, I was MAC hauling and dear lord did I haul! Whilst waiting in queue to pay for the things I've decided to purchase - which was (just so you know):
Prep and Prime for face
Prep and Prime eye primer in medium
 Paint pots in Blackground and Indianawood (review later)
Technokohl eyeliner in black

Actually, now that I've listed them...I didn't actually pick up a lot...yet spent so much =_____=""
Ah well, moving on, so I was waiting in the queue and I saw testers for the Viva Glam lipsticks, remembering how people were going on about it I decided to purchase both Gaga and Cyndi -because I couldn't decide which one was better at the time.
The guy serving me seemed pretty over the moon knowing that I am purchasing them anyway and I think he looked like he prancing. How strange, but I thought it was rather cute nonetheless. 

So here they are:

People have said the lipsticks are rather sheer and it takes a couple of coats before it get's to the colour like it's on the poster. They are rather sheer but I like them that way because it allows me to adjust the shade I want -versatile wear?! 
The resulting look it gives off is a glossy one I would say -well it's obvious it's not matte - so it's good, you don't have to apply lipgloss if you don't want to. 
Of course, these lippies smells yummy like most MAC lipsticks should (I'm not paying £12.50 each if they smell chemically in any sort of way.) Smells like cocoa butter =]

If you're asking me which is my fav...well I fancy the Gaga more. I love it because I could wear it anytime, it suits most looks I wear and thanks to the sheerness I could control how pigmented it should stain on my lips. Whereas the Cyndi, I'm not so sure about. =/ I do like it, but I would find it difficult to wear during a casual day etc. I'm probably just not a red lippy person. I have a friend who said I look weird with that lipstick on. =O I thought about giving it away but, nah, I'll keep it for nights out. ^^ 

Also "the full RRP (less VAT) goes towards helping women, men and kids everywhere affected by HIV and Aids." -so it claims on their website. So yes you get to do something good whilst shopping -oh the joy!

Soapy wearing Viva Glam Gaga

Soapy wearing Viva Glam Cyndi

So now I really ought to pack for my stay in Newcastle (party time! =])....that or I should SLEEP!!! u___u""

Soapy C.

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  1. wow i'm awake early, but the cyndi is good to, its good that you dont give it away!