Sunday, 11 April 2010

Love for the mini Diana

In the middle of shopping in Urban Outfitters (opened not long ago in Edinburgh) on a Friday lunchtime, I discovered this...

My first thought was, is this a toy camera that costs £50??? But as I spun the box round and round, then looked at it for a few minutes more, I discovered that this camera takes Lomography pictures.

This Diana mini camera takes pictures with a radiant, faded, lo-fi result.


Of course I could achieve the same result with the help of photo editing programs like Photoshop, Photoscape etc. But the thought of carrying this convient mini camera around which takes pictures to the result I adore so much, seems like a good idea to give it a good thought whether to buy it or not. Still in the middle of thinking hahaha.

Sigh...Perhaps I'll give up this idea after a few days since I have a long list of slimming products to get to =P But the point is, I like the concept of the Diana mini. =]

[I would write more, bu I haven't slept (insomnia) so my brain isn't functioning too well =="]


  1. If you are looking for that effect you might as well put the fifty quid towards a decent camera or photoshop itself. It might be convenient but a few clicks can achieve that and then be useful for other things too.

  2. lol I could easily do the same effect with my phone (honest!) and with a little bit of editing, im just a sucker for little tiny gadgets like this one lol
    I think im putting the £50 towards payingmy debt instead hahahahhhaha

  3. Wait, let's get this out of the way: You don't need any slimming products! Ok, now that that's done, the mini Diana looks and sounds amazing!! If you're really interested in photography, it sounds like a great investment! x