Monday, 5 August 2013


At the beginning of this summer, I visited the Botanic Gardens in my hometown Edinburgh (of course). The purpose wasn't to look at pretty plants, but I was helping a friend with his photography course, obviously I was asked to be his model for the day. Because he was working with black and white film, I was requested to wear something with pattern and texture so that it comes off better. 
Luckily, the weather god was being good to us and it was sunny with warm temperatures (I sound like a forecaster haha). 
I haven't visited the Botanic Gardens probably since I was still in junior school! It was refreshing to go again, and it made me feel really relaxed again, especially this was at the time I had just finished and handed in all my assignments. 
So what did I wear on the day? 
Blazer from River Island
Romper from River Island
Shoes from H&M
Hat from H&M
Sunglasses from H&M

I always feel that, no matter what, I need to feel comfortable in my clothing wherever I am, so I went for a floral romper- easy, one piece, no fuss. Then a blazer in case it got chilly (living in Scotland, you never know, next thing you know it could be torrential rain - luckily that didn't happen).
I'm also so in love with the strap heels. These are very "on-trend" this summer after seeing them appear on a lot of fashion blogs. 
I do cringe at how I had a wee bump in this photo-haha! >< But whatever, I wasn't naturally model-made, just merely helping a friend. 

Ps. It's funny, because I will be at the Botanic Gardens for a wedding just as this post is schedule to go live. Looking forward to being the bride's MUA of the day. 

DISCLAIMER: All images were taken by Matthew Chan (but edited by myself). Permission was permitted to use these images on this blog =]

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