Thursday, 22 March 2012

Aloe Aloe!

A lot of beauty junkies will recommend one thing if you have dry skin, redness or dull looking skin: aloe vera. This plant (though it may look like a cactus plant, it actually belongs to the lily family) contains aloe gel inside its leaf. The gel contains amino acids and vitamins including vitamin B12. You could use the aloe vera straight from its leaf but many of our products containing aloe vera will be "stabilised" - stabilising is a process in which it will prevent its goodness from degrading as it would without.
You could also drink this as a juice and it will provide you with your vitamins etc. as well as helping your digestive system.
It is also known to:

  • aid acne problems with it's anti-bacterial properties
  • sunburn as aloe vera is a coolant as well as a healer
  • reduce and eliminate minor skin pigmentation
  • rebalances the oil on your skin -its gel-based means it will "check" your oil as well moisturising your skin.
For more information on aloe vera benefits go to (and this is me making a reference haha):

I recently tried out an aloe vera-base product by Skin Food - a Korean brand.

The product itself

I am indeed in love with this product! Very often I would have redness and dull skin, sometimes dry-skin when I'm not careful. Using this has benefited me as I have seen a reduction of redness on area like my forehead and around my nose. My skin can get so dull because I lack fluids so much and of course my insomnia not only makes my mind suffer but my skin. It has help rebalancing my oil levels too.
It is also so simple to use and if you have 5minutes in the morning, well isn't this a great quickie for a morning facial?
I don't use it in the morning because I'm the late-girl so I don't even have 5minutes to spare. Often I will use it during the night after I've removed my make-up. As you massage this product, you begin to feel a coolness on your skin (yes it does smells nice like most aloe products). After I wash it off, my pores seem a little bit smaller and your skin will be softer and brighter.

This also was a quite an inexpensive product so it's worth a try. You can purchase this at (if the page turns out chinese, you can change it to english at the top righ-handside of the page.) they do international shipping (shipping fees will vary but you can watch out on when they do free shipping offers).

And what a sunny day it has been here today (I took a drive and drifted into Selkirk haha!). I hope the weather is/was good where you are and if not, there's always tomorrow.

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