Friday, 4 November 2011

The £36 lipstick - was it worth it?

Two months ago (I know I know I'm really behind with my blog posts, but the new uni life has taken up my life and I'm only just beginning to settle in) I had purchased my very first Tom Ford lipstick. When it first came out, I didn't think much about, and so many times had I walked past the counter forgetting it had even existed! I have heard some good news about the collection though.
So one day I actually gave in and took a look at it. Swatched some of the lipsticks, and felt that I the colours aren't very exciting until I met Ginger Fawn, the beautiful coral-red lipstick! The moment I swatched it I knew I had fallen in love with it. And I did, of course.

Tom Ford lipstick in Ginger Fawn - I got the white packaging, it also comes in a black packaging
It took me a while to actually decide whether or not I should waste my money over it. But as you know, I have an obsession with collecting lipsticks, and quite often nowadays, corals and reds. The photo above probably doesn't give justice to it's true colour, my photography skills aren't the best though I do try.

On the lips...
The product itself contains ingredients like shea butter and seed oil, which ultimately creates a lipstick that is moisturising and you don't even need to read the ingredients to acknowledge how moisturising it is, the texture of it will make you believe (although I do fear that some may not like this type of texture as it may feel too "greasy" for them. Personally I don't mind it).
The girl at the counter had said to me whilst applying the lipstick on me, that it is very long lasting. I think she was just making things up to sell it to me to be precise. It does come off when you are drinking water or eating e.t.c. However it isn't too bad; it isn't "very" long lasting, but it does last for a decent time - a while?
This is extremely pigmented, none of that sheer crap. For this, I loved it! A note on the smell; it smells very like the MAC lipsticks - vanilla? I've always liked the smell from MAC lipsticks anyway, although some may not be keen on it.

Photos taken with Nikon Coolpix S6100

So the question was, was it worth it? It all depends what sort of person you are to be very honest. What I think is, if you are strapped for cash, then don't do it! You may find similar colours through some drug-store ranges i.e. Rimmel's Lasting Finish in 214 Firecracker (yes I own this one too). 
To me, it was worth my every penny because the packaging is excellent, it smells fine, pigmentation is quite obviously what makes it the winner and to top it off, it's moisturising after all those oils they've added to it. Since it was £36, I asked myself, was it luxurious enough for it's price? I gave it a big fat YES! 
This is my obsession with lipsticks, I know some people don't even wear lipsticks, but there you go, everyone has different obsessions, perhaps what I'm hinting is, don't judge me. (har har!)

Photos taken with my iPhone 4 using filters from Instagram app.
That's it! I will try my best to update regularly, but do keep in mind uni work has just taken over my life. I just happened to loaded myself with a cuppa tea by mistake when I'm suppose to be sleeping -caffiene! 

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