Monday, 7 November 2011

On the face!

I am the type that's easily persuaded by adverts and packaging; some days the products are actually what they say, some days I feel like I've been hustled. But that is the case with most things in life nevertheless.
Three face products I have bought recently and I must admit sometimes I do ask myself, why am I wasting my money over such products?!...

Garnier BB Cream in Light
A bb cream?! In the UK?! Some of us were questioning whether this would work or not, especially within the Asian community as some of us have tested a variety of bb cream brands from Korea, Taiwan and Japan already and would have high expectations of what a bb cream should be. 
I'm appalled at what this product is actually is. It' not a bb cream to me. I think of it as tinted moisturiser instead. I compared this with my L'egere bb cream and you would notice a massive difference between the two. I felt that Garnier hasn't grasped the concept of bb creams just yet.
The coverage is low from this even though when you swatch it, it looks like it will cover very well, once you try to blend it onto your face, it's a very different story. 
It claims to even tones and boost glow, blurs imperfections, smoothes out fine lines. I think all this is complete jibberish, if not, a damn lie. It's disappointing because I'm normally rather fond with Garnier products. The only claim I do believe is 24 hydration. It does seem to be moisturising but other than that... Let's just say if I wanted to moisturise my face I would spend money on a moisturiser.
Garnier needs to realise, that bb creams, are not tinted moisturisers and that they should still hold a good coverage whilst consisting other factors like moisture, SPF, evens tone etc. Perhaps I'm being too harsh on this product, but to be honest, I do ask had they really done any relevant research? 
If you own this product what do you think? I felt robbed since this costed me £9.99... *swears in every language I know*

Rimmel's Stay Matte Foundation in 100 Ivory
Something must have hit me in the head purchasing this. What it reminds me of is one of these cheap quality foundations back in the days when I was a kid. I think I was so impressed with Rimmel's 25hr Foundation, I thought this one could not be that bad. How wrong and naive was I. 
What's this that it claims it has shine control? Are you sure? I put it on and my face looked like I had just dipped it in a grease bowl. No where near the "matte" effect I had expected. The coverage is also rather sheer but not as bad as the above. At £5.99....well with that money I would rather buy another of Rimmel's lipsticks instead as they seem to never fail me. I really don't want to rant on and on about this product; it was a waste of money so I'm not gonna waste too much of my time over it. My advice is, "no". Say "no".

Revlon's Age Defying in 10 Bare Buff 
 I bought this as it was on a special price of £9.99 instead of the original £13.99. It wasn't bad-buy although if I was to compare with their Photo Ready foundation, I would recommend the Photo Ready. This one I felt it takes a bit longer to oxidised once you've applied it on your face. Coverage is medium and it does leave a bit of shine. It's very similar to Rimmel's 25hr foundation although this has more shimmer and it's staying power isn't as good. For example, sometimes I get a bit sweaty because my room at the student halls is always too warm for me, the 25hr foundation would resist it perfectly, but this one would melt. But it's not all that bad, it does contain SPF20 which the 25hr one doesn't have and once it does oxidise, it does give you that smooth skin effect that you will look for in a said "age defying" product.

Swatches of the products
So these are my three recent liquid face products. Have you found a foundation or bb cream that you feel that's worth every penny? Let me know. =]

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