Tuesday, 8 November 2011

OOTD: Casual Autumn

I had went back home yesterday for my father's birthday dinner that my brother and I had organised for him. I think we did a good job =] It was just a small dinner, my father, two brothers and myself. But my brother and I tried to order the best food we felt that was best from the chosen restaurant. Of course, with my love with lobsters, I had asked my brother to order it (as he was friends with the owner's son).
It was an enjoyable night with papa Chan. Hope he had liked it and hope he has a Happy Birthday on Friday even if he has to work. =]

So this is the outfit I came out with yesterday. I'd say perhaps I should have worn a bit more as the weather was turning frosty again.

Kimono/ extended shoulder cardigan £27.99 [New Look]
Shirt/blouse £24.99 [H&M]
Grey jeans £29.99 [H&M]
Black ankle boots £14.99 [H&M]
All-around-scarf in blue £7.99 [H&M]
Pleated brown belt £3.99 [H&M]

No surprises there that most of my clothing are from H&M... but my belief has always been, it's not where you bought it, it's how you wear it. Do you agree? If not, let me know why. =] 
Ok I do look for quality in clothing so there are some places I don't go.

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