Thursday, 4 August 2011

OOTD: Shopping Alone

The other day, I went shopping (which I shouldn't but I guess once a month of splashing won't hurt too much) and decided to make use of a white shirt I bought from H&M featured in a post I wrote back in April (click here to see).

Don't be too surprised as to where I got them shorts; I got them from H&M of course! The belt as well. I normally don't like spending money on belts, I'm not an accessories kinda person, but the belt really brings these shorts to life, so I bought it.
The suspender tights were from New Look, but it is under the brand Pretty Polly, they were cheaper than the House of Holland ones. PP are £7.99 and HoH ones are I think £12.99?
Bag was from French Connection which I bought years ago. I really like this bag because you could use it as a clutch bag is you detatched the chain. Sorry if it is clear of what my bag looks like, but I'm sure it will appear in other future OOTD posts. =]


  1. Lovely outfit!
    I really like how the suspenders look with those shorts!
    Very pretty indeed!

  2. Haha gotta love H&M! All the clothes i've been buying recently are all from there
    I don't like spending money on belts as well... i refuse to spend more than a fiver on one pahaha
    Cute outfit ^^ will definitely be recreating this outfit xD~

  3. Oh yes! haha I love H&M to bits! It just has everything I need there. Stuff always upto my taste etc. and prices are reasonable compare to say, Topshop which I always think it's overly priced even for a T-shirt! =.=

    Enjoy the look, add a jumper/cardigan to complete it if you are feeling chilly hehe ^^

  4. Loving the outfit , esp the shorts :D!
    and hey , nice blog too =]]
    Asna , ( the girl from Uni =P )