Friday, 20 May 2011

OOTD: Heading to class...

If you haven't known, I'm a student at Edinburgh's Telford College studying a BTEC National Diploma Art and Design course. For the biggest part of my life I've been studying art and in the recent years I discovered an area where I found more interested at: Textiles. Although I would hopefuly go on to studying fashion, I prefer the free in textiles. Also, just so we are clear....I have no talent in art, I have to practice and work my ass off.
So now you know (and yes my final major project this year is a textile artifact).=]

I dont really know how to discribe my style. I'm a bit random, some days I like to go casual and laid back (you know, hoodies with leggings or jeans and t-shirt) then some days I like to be lady-like....and some days I like to be a rock chic! =________=" I'm never too glamourous though! haha!
So the weather that day (was this Wednesday) was partly cloudy but the sun was shining through a bit, very windy though! I don't like being too warm nor too cold, so this is what I came out with.......

Pink tank - All Saints
Black t-shirt with zip detail at back (sorry couldn't photo my back) - My own design and self-made
Cardigan - Miso
Jeans - River Island
Heels - New Look
Bag - Bought from HK @ 新之城 long time ago....
Bangles - New Look
Bracelet - Tiffany&co
Necklace - Dior

Now you know a little bit more about me. =]


  1. Cute outfit and makeup ^^
    haha my style is a bit like yours, just random x

  2. Cute girl.<3 I love the style by the way. Hope you reach to your dream of going into the fashion world, cause i am striving my way up to there too.