Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Beauty Trend: MAC Spring '13

Happy Chinese New Year to all my fellow yellows! I usually love this time of year because everyone is in good spirits and families come together, eating lots of good food. I had a quiet one, not really celebrating as such this year, but I'm happy to see all my friends are having a great time (and great food - yes I'm jealous). 
So in chinese:
 祝各位 新年快樂 萬事如意 但最重要是,身體健康!

It's middle of the night and I am busy doing trend research work for my knitting (course work) whilst multi-tasking on Instagram and obviously on this. 
I thought I would just keep an update detailing beauty trends/campaigns/collections (whichever you call it) either in general or by brand for you to look forward to or to check out now.
Well it just so happens that M.A.C has recently launched their Year of the Snake collection for this spring. 

I'm very intrigued by this collection already and yet I haven't even begun to try the products itself. What caught my eye really were the beauty powders that are embossed with a snake pattern. It's a simple design but I simply like it. 
Moreover though, it is the this collection's colour palette that succeeds to captivate me to (perhaps) purchase a few items. To be specific; I am highly into plummy colours and this collection's colour palette has it all. 
You have vibrant tones of magenta, purple and a slightly pink under-toned red. Then team them up with colours like copper,beige or a shimmery yellow to tone them down slightly or tone it up with some intense black.  
.In total, this collections includes: four single shades of eyeshadows, two pigments, three lipsticks, a beauty powder and their Zoom Lash mascara in Rich Black.
I also like the design on their box packaging which is always a bonus whenever I buy a beauty product.

Will I be spending my red pocket money on this collection? Maybe. But I shall most definitely check out the beauty powder (purely for the embossed snake - sad I know but I love it!)

What will/have you be/been spending your red pocket money on (if you got any)?

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