Saturday, 13 April 2013

Review: Apocalips!

I'm probably like the last one to blog about these lippies that Rimmel came out with around 2-3months ago in the UK -I've had a busy 2-3months.
I bought them when they were first came out though and at the time, it was a big rave around some beauty bloggers, so I was curious to try them. 

I chose 3 colours from its range, and (again) took advantage of Boots 3for2 offer:
  • Luna (left) is a peachy colour, it's a colour that's very suitable for everyday wear and perfect for spring.
  • Big Bang (middle) a blood red colour, perfect for evening wear or if you are like me, who is into reds, then this one to pick out from this range.
  • Stellar (right) a bright pink/fuchsia but it leans more towards the reds when you wear it. It's a really nice colour, but I wish the pink was
All the colours are very opaque and I was very impressed with it and I think it's obvious that Luna and Big Bang are my favourite.

Colour Swatch
Formula and Texture
It has a creamy texture which I find easy to glide on and spreads evenly (although that does mostly depends on how well you've been taking care of your lips -chapped lips never work with any coloured lip products). I find its formula really good for a drugstore product and it feels almost like a 2in1 combining lipstick and lip creme together. It also lasts very well, for a creamy-textured lip colour and feels rather moisturising (not drying) on the lips too.

Duffle applicator with a hollow to allow it to grab more of the product from its tube and producing the opaque colour even from first application.
At the moment, this retails at £4.99 each in UK drugstores, which I feel is a fairly decent price for a high quality lip product.

I love this product for everything it is but I wish they had a much wider range in colours for me to choose from. It also smudges quite easily if you're not careful when applying. What I do is use a Q-tip to erase any slight smudges and for perfecting the lip shape. 

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