Tuesday, 29 January 2013

New Year, New Products, Better me

First things firsts- a very Happy (belated) New Year to you all and I believe I owe this blog so much more than an average of 15 posts per year-haha.
So looking back at my 2012, I felt that I've become a even stronger-minded person stepping into 2013. In other words really, there isn't very much left that would bring me down to the point I would hide again (I could be wrong though). Of course, I'm still me. I still have poo days (like today), but then nowadays, I have really happy -if not, content- days.
I don't remember much about the first few months of 2012, I was probably in the uni halls, avoiding any parties because I know I would be too distracted (and spend too much money). The highlights I that was most memorable to me was: going to Spain, Marbella for one of my good friend's hen-do (which although a little bit stressing, it was still a good experience to go on holiday with the girls), then attended her wedding. I hung out a few times with a few folks during the festival period, which is always good banter, however, I wish I had went to see some shows than just purely going out to drink and eat crepes & angus burgers.
Oh! I went to Big Bang's Alive concert in London! I've never been to a concert before so, although I was all worked up about expenses, by the time the show started I was all hyped up!

During the year, somehow a part of my life became spontaneous, but it made me realise something: trust fate. I wish I could detail what it is, but sadly, I could only tell you, my heart beats faster, I laugh louder, I smile longer, though sometimes, I cry in pain. I guess the other thing about trusting fate, is just let things be. Sometimes, owning something doesn't mean everything. To me, to be able to just share with someone is also a form of happiness.

2013 is now. Chasing dreams is mostly what I see. The better me will continue to focus on building my career. I will also continue to support some of my creative friends. I see some natural talent in them and I'm happy to see some already an upcoming success.

This is just the start (ha), I look forward to more spontaneity- good or bad.

Well, I am obviously not ending it just there. Over Christmas, I bought new skincare products because my normal routine did no justice to my growing acne problem- although I have to admit, I did have a series long of lazy period with skin care.
Having realise that my skin changed from normal to oily condition meant, I was looking for products that would hydrate my skin, because even though my skin is oily, is doesn't mean I should dry it out. Moreover, hydration meant less breakouts, so long as the products are oil free.
So my new daily skin care routine goes a little like this:
Dr Jart+ Pore Refine Bubble Foam facial wash
So continuing the subject of "spontaneity", I came across Dr Jart at Boots with the offer "3for2" on its aisles and randomly decided to begin the new routine with Dr Jart products. This Pore Refine series was made for oily-combination skin.
I really like the lather made from the foaming in the face wash. You can feel that it is gentle to the skin when washing and afterwards it leaves a cleanse feeling. Skin will also feel a little tighter, and I've been using it for at least a good month now, and one of the biggest difference is that my skin looks brighter with more radiance.

Shu Uemura Deepsea Hydrabillity Toning Lotion
I've always like Shu Uemura's lotions, this one is no exception. Generally I would pour some onto my cotton pad and swipe over my face a couple of times. Sometimes, I would rub a drop or two of it into the palms of my hands and then gently pat it into my skin for extra hydration. The patting motion also helps to open pores from the warmth of your palms and the lotion is soaked in better.
Dr Jart+ Pore Refining Up-Tightening Serum
 I haven't tried a great amount of serums apart from L'oreal and YSL. First of all, this one is a different texture from the other two I've tried. I generally don't have much thought about this serum but I know, it's not a product I would rave about. Perhaps I need to use this longer to see a better difference. But the plus side is that it comes in a pump, so I don't need to worry about spillage since I am hella clumsy.
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel
I've used this product in the past, and loved it. The gel consistence seems perfect for my oily skin because after it settles into my skin, it becomes matte, doesn't leave much shine. I guess the bargain of this product is that it has helped my base make-up last longer from away from shine. Is it still moisturising? I believe it is. Although, for night time, I always feel that it a little more...
Dr Jart+ Pore Refine Recover Primer
The consistency of this primer can look and may feel a bit doubtful because it does make you think its oily, but its actually a gel base. Once it settles, it isn't oily at all. It does hold my base make-up rather well. Long story short- my make-up stayed even after walking through a snow blizzard (of course credit also goes to how good the foundation was itself).
Consistency swatches of products from Left: Primer, Moisturising Gel, Serum
Laneige Water Sleeping Pack (mask)

This sleeping mask was given as a Christmas gift (Thanks Holz) because my friend knew I was getting lazy with my skin care -how thoughtful! In my honest opinion, I really like this product (and not saying because it was a gift). It's convenient for lazy people like me who can't be bothered to get up again to wash it off after the mask is applied and just want to dive into bed. When I wake up, you could see your face is instantly brighter again. This mask has helped my overwhelming blemishes on my forehead a lot. It has reduced their size and has toned down the spot marks. And just the other day, my boss complimented how much smoother my skin looks -win. haha This tub also comes with a mini spatula which is wonderful when you want to keep hygiene top notch.

So that is it really. I still use some products I previously used like Skin Food's Aloe Vera mask (to reduce redness) and Vichy Normaderm pore tightening lotion/toner for acne prone skin. 

Have you embarked on a new skin care routine or a product too? If so let me know below what you have tried and what was a hit and miss for you.

Oh heck, this is probably my longest post yet! In this case, thanks for reading! 

Poo day?
Of course! I shall sign off with a poser photo. Standard. ;)  

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