Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Trial: Gold Collagen 50ml shots

I am experiencing an all-time bad time with my skin these days. I've always had blemishes here and there but never as frequent and constant as now. It really bugs me - of course it does! Which beauty-lover wouldn't be?

Trying out supplements, is me willing to try whatever there is to offer- of course along with trying to encourage myself to drink more fluids, improve diet, and sleeping whenever I can. 
This is my first time trying out a supplement that claims to improve your skin. This product in particular is mostly aimed at the anti-ageing market, but it does provide other affects- the one I'm looking forward to is improving skin's hydration levels, which ultimately could improve my congested skin.

These 50ml shot bottles reminds me of those health-kick shots you see in the Asian market, no surprise to me that this product is made in Japan. These can be seen in Boots with the single shots retailing at £3.69 and the 10day pack at £35.99 (and at the moment they are on a 3for2 offer), which to me is "alright" for a short term use, but if you were to continue for longer, of course it will become expensive.

They recommend you to consume one bottle per day for 4weeks to see some results but "preferably 8 weeks or longer to see greater benefits". Here I have 12 bottles for 12days, I may purchase some more if I see a slight improvement. I have read some reviews, but I don't want to judge my experience base on those reviews, even though the reviews have been pretty good so far. 

I will start consuming this from tomorrow, either after breakfast or lunch (depending when I wake up haha) and will keep an update perhaps every 3days?

I also want to note that my skin-care has changed yet again, and I am avoiding salicylic acid as much as I can, seeing as, it has made no affect on improving my congested skin and I somehow suspect, it may even have irritated my skin even more. 

To briefly outline the products used as of now:
  • Eau Thermale Avene Cleansing Water (also used as a toner)
  • Freederm Facial Cleanser
  • Freederm Treatment gel
  • Aveeno Moisturising Cream 
  • Laniege Water Sleeping Pack

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